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The End is Nigh.


Global tensions are rising. The race for supremacy has begun.


Our two heroes have given all but their lives. Can they summon the strength and courage for the last hurdle?


Caught between the lords of Westminster and a powerful Russian alliance, Dan and Mary have just one chance to foil them all and stop a world war.


Two factors are all it takes to rule every nation; an energy multiplying crystal and the designs to turn it into a superweapon.


Will Mary sacrifice everything to defeat an old enemy and pave the way for peace?


This dramatic conclusion to their epic journey will have you biting your nails until the last page.


Grab your copy of this heart-rending and intense scifi-spy thriller series and prepare yourself for an emotional ride.

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Can the UN stop the geology surveys that are devastating weather patterns around the world?
Can they prevent the UK government from unleashing the world's most destructive laser weapon...
before the standoff in the South Atlantic Ocean triggers global war?



His fingers were blue and trembling. Every sinew and tendon strained against the force of gravity pulling down on his body. Eight small anchors were all that stood between life and bone crushing death eighty feet below. One of the dogs barked above, the frothing spittle froze into globs as it fell. The second canine lay in a bloody mess on the snow lined block paving. Security teams bustled, their rapid footsteps echoing throughout the tower stairs and halls. A guard peered down from the rooftop. Dan heard the digital bleep of a depressed walkie-talkie button.

“Got him. South turret, over the edge. Get the gear.”

Dan’s whole body shook with the effort and from the frigid temperatures. His feet scrambled to catch a footing, a ledge, anything to ease the pressure on his digits. His breath came in short bursts, the blizzard biting hard at his lungs. Adrenalin surged through his brain, sharpening his focus on the finality of his struggles. The last seven months had passed in a blur; finding his telepathic sister, falling foul of corrupt MI6 agents and British ministers, discovering that his godfather was really his grandfather, just before losing him under the most tragic of circumstances. All the turmoil of steering their lives towards a happy compromise without jeopardising millions of innocent people was at an end. There was little he could do to keep a lid on their infamy. The whole world knew about Mary and her incredible gifts, which kept the spotlight directly on them both. What use would there be in panicking her now, when she was utterly incapable of helping him?

As his palms cramped under the stress, all Dan could think about was how he’d failed to protect those he loved most. Would Connie still be with him if he had never signed up for that wretched experiment into psychic abilities? Would his adopted mother have avoided liver damage from that toxic suppressant? Would he have gone on feeling that there was something missing from his life, if he had failed to meet his sister? It was hard to determine whether the catalogue of incidents had provided him with greater or less familial stability, but one thing he did know for sure; if he died now, who would prevent the coming war?

The guard pulled on the dog’s collar, yanking him back from the edge, before disappearing himself. In the darkness, against the dizzying swirl of snowflakes, Dan was all alone. His shallow breaths quickened; his heaving chest pushed him further from the wall. The rough corners of brickwork cut into his finger joints, lessening his grip. There was nothing more to be done. He would end his days with a broken spine and cracked skull next to the Doberman attack dog.

Glancing up to the sky, Dan sent a private word up to his lost God. “If I am truly a descendant of your son, Lord, grant me one wish. Help Mary stop World War III.”

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